Friday, May 5, 2017

The insurance dilemma

                                             Is your insurance taking your money? 

 Not long ago, I discovered a leak in my home. I was concerned that it might have come from the roof. After praying about this situation, I made a couple of phone calls to my home insurance. They told me that I was covered--Thank God. They, also, informed me that they were going to assign an inspector to look at the damage.I was, for the time being, happy that I was covered.
                       Days afterwards, the inspector came. He gave me the good news/ bad news deal. The good news was that I did not have a leak in the roof. The bad news was that since the damage was below the deductible ($1,000), I would be responsible for the cost. The total cost? A little more than $500! I do not know about you but I do not take kindly to spending $500 on a unexpected home repair. 
                        After calling some contractors, I was blessed to have met one who was fair and honest. He gave me some good news--I would, only, have to pay about $120 and my problems would be solved. He did a good job and I have been satisfied. My take on insurances?  I am not too keen on insurances. They tend to take the easy way out and leave the customer with a raw deal. 
                            Yesterday, I was talking to my wife. She shared with me about the insurance pre-existing conditions dilemma. It seems that the insurance companies are trying to squirm out of paying for people with pre-existing conditions. From a business standpoint, I can see the reasoning behind it, but I still think it is wrong to do that. 
                     Insurance companies need to start to take a good hard look at their dealings with the public.I heard a story about a girl with diabetes who was left with paying $700 a month for her insulin. The reason?: There was a change in her insurance plan and her insulin was not covered. That is not good. Whether it is a health insurance or any other plan, reading the fine print is always a good thing because it helps us to make an informed decision. Farmer's insurance was offering a free consultation on people's home insurance so that they can understand the fine print.
                          The bottom line in all this is that, in my opinion, we ought to have affordable medical care for all. We ought to have unnecessary  regulations taken out and put a cap on the lawsuits against doctors, Also, the hospital industry is a monopoly. We ought to allow free market competition and only then will we see the prices go down on medical care and pharmaceutical products. I believe that as we do this, it will help lower the insurance costs and we would all benefit in the end.

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